11 Best Travel Systems (Strollers with car seat) Reviewed

Strollers have come a long way since the time they were invented in 1733.

They are great for taking your baby along with you when you step outside. Strollers are normally equipped with wheels with good tires which make them highly flexible and mobile.

Most come with a canopy or sunshade that offers maximum protection to the baby against the elements of the weather such as rain and sun.

What is a Travel System Stroller?

Travel system strollers include two products in one. It consists of a full size, functional stroller and compatible car seat that fit into the stroller. This avoids the hassle of buying a stroller and a car seat separately only to find that they don’t fit each other. Most travel systems also include a car seat base.

Having a travel system stroller makes the task of nursing a baby easier. You can easily go shopping, school or anywhere with your baby relaxing in the car seat. Most babies fall asleep when travelling and once you reach your destination, you do not need to disturb your baby. You can simply unlatch the car seat and put it into the stroller.

There are several manufacturers of travel systems and strollers. Some of them are more reliable than others. Below we review the best 11 travel systems and strollers for you and your baby.

#11 Bob Motion Travel System

Bob Motion Travel System StrollerThis product features a compact and lightweight stroller and infant car seat which are easy to use, install and stow. The car seat is equipped with energy absorbing foam liner which protects the baby’s head from vehicle intrusion and also distributes crash forces. It also comes with side impact protection. While the infant car seat has a weight capacity of 30 pounds, the stroller comes with a 65 pound weight capacity. The travel system comes with a car seat base. These three parts of this system are easy to use and make driving and strolling with a baby enjoyable, fun and easy. The stroller comes with pneumatic tires which maintain tractions with any terrain and provide smooth ride over bumps thanks to the high impact polymer upon which they are mounted and also the rugged spring suspension system they are paired with. It is easy to push and steer. The large basket is big enough to hold your infants items. This product costs $416 at the time of writing this review. Check current price on Amazon

#10 Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller

Contours Options LT Tandem StrollerContours Options Elite Tandem Stroller is a 33.8 pound stroller that comes with infant car seat adapter which is compatible with a lot of car seats. It comes with 6 different seating options. The seat is created to offer better view to the baby during strolling. Its wheels offer smooth and comfortable ride. It features a 3-position leg rest and independent reclining seats making it suitable for mothers of twins or moms with two babies with minimal age gap. Each seat can carry a 40 pound baby. The stroller also features an infant headrest and a 5-point safety harness. The product is easy to use and also folds easily. The seats are reversible and this makes it possible for your two babies to play together. The Elite Tandem Stroller is also easy to stow and cost $299 when reviewed. Check current price on Amazon

#9 Graco FastAction Fold Sport Stroller Click Connect Travel System

Graco FastAction Fold Sport Stroller Click Connect Travel SystemThe Fold Sport Click Connect features a stroller, an infant car seat and stay-in-car base for a complete travel solution. It is made with strong, durable and lightweight frame for enhanced portability and smooth maneuverability. With the stroller you will be able to push a baby of 50 pounds through any terrain. It comes with both safety and comfort features. For the comfort of the baby, the stroller is equipped with a multi-position reclining seat. The stroller features a FastAction fold which makes it possible for you to fold the stroller with one hand. For the security of the child, the stroller is equipped with convertible 3-or-5-point harness. The stroller comes with three wheels with built-in suspension for enhanced steering, smooth ride and superior maneuverability. Added features are extra-large expandable canopy, the child’s tray which includes a cup holder, parent tray and ample storage. Check current price on Amazon

#8 Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel SystemJogger Travel System comprises a 3 wheel jogging stroller and infant car seat with a 30 pound weight capacity. The stroller’s wheels are equipped with tires which maintain traction in all terrains. It also comes with a lockable front pivoting wheel for improved steering and maneuverability and also for jogging. The stroller comes with a convenient child tray, parent tray for two beverage, large storage basket and adjustable canopy with covered sunroof ratchets to protect the baby from the elements of the weather. Its ergonomically shaped push handle is wide and padded with foam to eliminate hand fatigue. The stroller which has a 50 pound weight capacity also comes with a multi-position reclining padded seat, reflectors on the footrest, tether strap and 5 point safety harness. The car seat comes with a 4 position push button height adjustable base, easy one hand harness adjustment, EPS energy absorbing foam for improved side impact head protection, easily washable inserts and seat pad and large smooth carrying handle for enhance portability. The jogger travel system costs $159 at the time of writing. Check current price on Amazon

#7 Chico Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System

Chico Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System
Created with quality aluminum, plastic and polyester materials, this travel system is made to last for years. It is a travel system stroller that combines style, beauty, safety and convenience. Whether your baby is sleeping or awake, you can easily stroll with him or her or move him or her from the stroller to the car. It comes with storage baskets where you can put your baby essentials that you will require during a stroll or drive. It also comes with a cup holder. Above all, it offers super smooth ride, impressive maneuverability and one-hand steering thanks to its all-wheel suspension. It has a 30 pound weight capacity. The base comes with enclosed underside which prevents the seats of the vehicle from damaging. It also comes with built-in belt locking so that it can be used in vehicles that have no latches. Energy absorbing foam is used to line the shell. Chico Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System is easy to use and offers maximum comfort to the baby thanks its numerous features which include fully-reclining seat, all wheel suspension, adjustable leg support, height-adjustable handle, water-repellant canopy, 5 point harness, linked rear brakes and others. The Keyfit 30 was priced at $329 when it was reviewed. Check current price on Amazon

#6 Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel System

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel SystemThis is a travel system designed to carry babies weighing up to 35 pounds. It can be used for a stroll on any type of terrain thanks to its air filled rubber tires which not only maintains strong traction with the ground but also provides suspension for smooth ride. The front wheels have locks and can also pivot for easy steering. It is created with a Click Connect Technology which makes it possible for the infant car seat to be securely connected to the stroller. Though the stroller is sturdy, it weighs only 30 pounds. It also features one-second, one-hand fold for improved comfort for mothers driving or strolling with their babies. Check current price on Amazon

#5 Graco SnugRider Elite Stroller and Car Seat Carrier

Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller FrameThe Graco SnugRider Elite Stroller and car seat carrier is designed to serve as a car seat and a stroller. Just secure the car seat into the frame firmly when you want to stroll and fold it to convert into a car seat when you want to drive out with your baby. It is available in a lightweight and 1-hand compact fold design for impressive ease-of-use. It features car seat latches for the safety of your baby. The product comes with an additional extra-large storage basket where you can put all the items your baby will need during a stroll. Its front swivel wheels with locks and suspension make for enhanced maneuverability. It comes with other features such as a height adjustable handle and 2 handy cup holders that make it more comfortable and easy to use for the parent and relaxing for the baby. At $59 it is the cheapest option available and provides great value for money. Check current price on Amazon

#4 Britax B-Ready Stroller

Britax B-Ready Travel System StrollerBritax B-Ready Stroller is made from 100% polyester. If you are a mother of twins, this product should be a nice option for you as it can be converted into in-line double stroller to contain two seats. It can also convert into infant car seat configurations. The seat has 4 recline positions and so, you will be able to adjust the seating position to meet the needs of the baby. Regardless of the type of terrain you are strolling on, your baby is protected from shocks resulting from bumps thanks to the foam filled rubber tires it comes with. It features an adjustable leg rest, large canopy for protection against the element of weather, a non-rethread, adjustable 5 point harness systems and full suspension. The top seat has a 55 pound weight capacity while the second seat has a 35 pound weight capacity. Other admirable features of this product include a drink holder, height adjustable handle and oversized storage basket which can be accessed from any of the four sides. It comes with a two-year limited warranty. The B-Ready stroller cost $399 at the time of this review. Check current price on Amazon

#3 Stokke Xplory Stroller Special Edition Orange Melange

Stokke Xplory Travel System Stroller Special EditionThis product is made with automobile grade polymer and lightweight aluminum. It has a 45 pound weight capacity which means that it may be used to carry a baby up to approximately 4 years. The height of the seat can be adjusted in case you want to bring your baby closer or away from the ground. With the feature, the baby can relax in the seat and have a clear view of the path without obstruction. With the height adjustable seat, you don’t need to bring your baby out from stroller or bend over in order to feed him or her when you dine out or during social activities. The stroller also comes with parasol changing bag, textiles and shopping bag. It features a 5 seat reclining position and a two way facing making it possible for parents to adjust the seat to suit their babies. The stroller can glide in any terrain and it is highly maneuverable thanks to its efficient two wheel function. The premium looking Stokke Xplory costs $1099. Check current price on Amazon

#2 BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

BOB Revolution SE Single Travel system StrollerThe Revolution SE Single Stroller is available in a lightweight and slim design which makes for enhanced portability and easy storage. You can use it in many environments such as the zoo, beach, supermarket, busy streets of the city, walking trails and tight corners. The stroller offers relaxing and comfortable environment for the baby when you are strolling. It comes with three wheels with pivoting front wheel which makes for enhanced maneuverability and steering. But in case you want to jog or do other things, you can lock the front wheel. It also features an adjustable and multi-position canopy for protection against element of weather. The Revolution SE Single Stroller comes with reclining seat as well, making it suitable for everyday activities. It has a 70 pound weight capacity when it is used without any stored items or infant carrier. It comes with a five year and one year limited warranties on frame and small parts/fabric respectively. The Revolution SE stroller comes with a price tag of $368. Check current price on Amazon

#1 Britax B-Agile 3 and B-Safe 35 Travel System

Britax B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System StrollerThis travel system consists of a stroller made from lightweight aluminum frame and a car seat. The stroller has 50 pounds weight capacity while the car seat has a 30 pound weight capacity. Both the B-Agile stroller and B-Safe infant car seat come with impressive features that make traveling, strolling or driving with a baby easier. The car seat comes with a 5 point harness to secure your infant. The infant car seat provides impact protection from crash forces. The stroller has three wheels and swiveling front wheels for enhanced mobility, maneuverability and steering. If required, the front wheels can be locked to always point straight. Both are light, easy to use, fold and store. The stroller comes with a sunshade to protect the baby from the UV rays of the sun. The B-Agile 3 B-Safe 35 travel system costs $349. Check current price on Amazon

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