Top 5 Best Baby Jogger Stroller

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller Orange

What is a Jogger Stroller?

Choosing a stroller these days can be a really difficult task. With so many different ones available, it’s difficult to know which type is right for you. Baby jogger strollers are designed especially for those with an active lifestyle. Whether you’re hoping to keep fit or whether you often find yourself rushing from A to B, jogger strollers feature an aerodynamic shape which allows you to run, jog or even rollerblade with your infant.

They are also sometimes referred to as running strollers and their most defining feature is their 3-wheel design. The rear wheels are often larger than the front and the handrail at the back has a sturdy design, making it much easier to push. You will also notice the majority of baby jogger strollers have large canopies or hoods that are there to protect your baby from the elements while you run. Below you’ll discover 5 of the best jogger strollers currently available to buy. [Read more…]