5 Best Baby Sound Machine

Cloud B Tranquil Turtle Baby Sound Machine

What is a Baby Sound Machine?

Baby sound machines can be an invaluable investment. Helping to soothe your baby to sleep, there are many different types available. The soothing sounds help to increase the chances of your baby sleeping right through the night. Some machines play sounds, others play music and some provide white noise. There are machines that offer a combination of the three and they are otherwise commonly referred to as sound conditioners and noise machines. White noise machines tend to be the least popular as they don’t make a very nice sound. They are typically used to mask background noises.

The reason sound machines are so effective is because they replicate the sounds the baby hears in the womb. You’d be surprised by just how much noise goes on inside the womb and your baby gets used to hearing various noises. That’s why they often struggle to get to sleep if it is really quiet. It can be difficult choosing the best baby sound machine so below we’ve included a list of the top 5 models currently available. [Read more…]