Baby Acne Treatment and Baby Pimple Causes

how to treat baby acne

If you are a first time parent this may be the first time you are hearing that there is such a thing as baby acne or pimple. Baby acne is much shorter lived than adolescent acne and I promise it doesn’t mean you are about to birth a teenager! So what does baby acne look like? Why do babies get it? Can you prevent baby acne? How do you treat acne in babies?

how to treat baby acneWhat does baby acne look like?

Take a look at the baby acne picture above. Baby acne usually shows up during the first month although some babies can be born with it present. Baby acne is very small and consists of tiny red dots. Sometimes the dots can have white pustules. It can also cause the skin to be very red. It is usually on the face but sometimes can be on the back.

Is it normal?

It is completely normal. Most babies get baby acne and it does not mean that you are not washing baby’s face correctly. It is a normal part of your baby’s development.

What can make it worse?

It can get brighter red if baby is crying or the baby’s face gets dirty. Be sure to pat the baby’s skin dry after bath time, instead of rubbing, which can keep the spots from becoming irritated.

What are Milia?

You may also see tiny white dots. This is from dead skin cells getting trapped inside baby’s skin. This is called milia. These are not the same as baby acne but just as common and normal.

What causes baby acne? Why do babies get acne?

It is unclear why babies get acne. Some experts argue that it is caused from hormones baby’s body absorbs from the mother.

Can you prevent baby acne?

Baby acne cannot be prevented. Most babies will get it at some point. You can avoid skin care products for baby that are oily which may make it worse. Thankfully, baby acne will not cause scarring and when it is gone you will forget it was ever there.

How to treat Baby Acne?

Baby acne will usually go away by itself in a few weeks or so. If it lasts for six months or longer you can speak to your pediatrician about a prescription cream. Do not use adult acne treatment because it will hurt baby’s delicate soft skin.

What can I do to help?

Washing your babies face gently during bath time can help but do not scrub the spots. Most importantly, do not attempt to “pop” the acne. It will irritate the baby’s sweet face. Avoid using any oily products on baby’s face to keep their pores clear.

Additional Precautions

Investing in a free and clear baby detergent can keep clothes from irritating the skin. If baby gets milk on his or her face be sure to wipe it off quickly.

Just be patient it will go away and do not worry. It is not hurting baby in the slightest. Now go pick up your new bundle of joy and kiss their sweet face.