How long do you swaddle a baby? Why swaddle a baby?

Swaddling a baby has been around since the beginning of time. Babies feel comforted when they are brand new if they are held tightly. Since you cannot always hold your baby every second of the day swaddling can help baby to stay calm and relaxed. Swaddling is best for new babies because once they get older you will need to watch out, an active baby does not like to be held down.

How Do You Swaddle a Baby?

Swaddling a baby does take some practice. You can do it any way that the blanket holds and the baby is wrapped up. I would suggest trying this well-known method.

Start with a square baby blanket and turn it on its side so you are starting with a diamond. Fold down the top corner. Now we do the first tuck.

Take baby’s right arm and place it flat next to her body. Take the blanket corner on your baby’s right side and fold it over the baby’s belly. Tuck it under his left arm (go under his back if needed) until it is snug. Make sure your baby can still move their hips around.

Now place baby’s left arm snug against his belly. Grab the bottom corner and over his left shoulder. If there is a little extra blanket you can tuck it under his left arm.

Now grab that right corner. Make sure it is somewhat taut and pull it around baby and tuck it in the back. Ta-da! Baby is swaddled!

Why Is Swaddling A Baby Beneficial?

Swaddling is good for about three months. It can help baby transition comfortably from inside you to outside you. If you swaddle the baby, there is a good chance baby will sleep longer. Some studies have shown that swaddling can help reduce the risk of SIDS those first few months. This is most likely due to the fact it helps keep baby from rolling over. It is best for baby to sleep on her back. Swaddling also helps baby feel warm and safe.

Are There Problems With Swaddling?

Studies have shown that swaddling has been linked to hip problems. Be sure to leave room for their hips to move about as I stated to avoid any possible issue. If baby seems to get too hot or unhappy when you swaddle then he probably is not a baby who will like swaddling and you should discontinue.

How to Stop Swaddling?

When you are ready to stop swaddling your baby or they are getting too big for it you should “wean” them away from it. You can tuck loosely for a few days until baby learns to sleep well without swaddling.

Words of Wisdom

When you swaddle a baby choose a thin blanket. A receiving blanket works well. A thick blanket would be too uncomfortable for baby and hard to lay them down! Avoid blankets with any border of lace or ribbon that could get into the baby’s face. It may take practice to learn to swaddle so do not give up.