5 Best Baby Cradle

Babybjorn Baby Cradle White

What is a baby cradle? What is its benefit?

Baby cradles provide a snug, comfortable place for your infant to sleep. They are a lot smaller than a crib making them ideal for small rooms where space is an issue. This also makes it easier to have your baby in the same room as you at night time. Another reason parents prefer a cradle over a crib is because they are easily portable. A cradle also makes your baby feel more comfortable. If you place them in a crib, it will often be too big and will require blankets to make it feel a little cosier. Cradles are usually larger than a bassinet and capable of rocking from side to side.

When choosing a baby cradle, ideally you will want one that has a wide base and a locking mechanism for stopping it from rocking. This will ensure that it doesn’t tip over if you accidentally bump into it. Each will have its own weight and size regulations so these will need to be taken into account. It is important never to exceed the maximum weight requirements. [Read more…]