5 Best Baby Cradle

What is a baby cradle? What is its benefit?

Baby cradles provide a snug, comfortable place for your infant to sleep. They are a lot smaller than a crib making them ideal for small rooms where space is an issue. This also makes it easier to have your baby in the same room as you at night time. Another reason parents prefer a cradle over a crib is because they are easily portable. A cradle also makes your baby feel more comfortable. If you place them in a crib, it will often be too big and will require blankets to make it feel a little cosier. Cradles are usually larger than a bassinet and capable of rocking from side to side.

When choosing a baby cradle, ideally you will want one that has a wide base and a locking mechanism for stopping it from rocking. This will ensure that it doesn’t tip over if you accidentally bump into it. Each will have its own weight and size regulations so these will need to be taken into account. It is important never to exceed the maximum weight requirements.

#5 Orbelle Trading Ga Ga Cradle, French White

Orbelle Trading Ga Ga Baby Cradle, French WhiteThe exceptional Orbelle Trading Ga Ga Cradle has a traditional, beautiful hand crafted design. It is something you can keep in the family for generations. Its curled bottom features stoppers which prevent the cradle from rocking. Constructed with real solid wood, it is extremely durable and is capable of holding infants up to 30 pounds. Unlike a lot of cradles, this one comes complete with a fitted mattress. It does require some assembly, though all tools are included.

It is recommended that you use a king size pillowcase as a fitted sheet for the mattress as it can be difficult finding a sheet to fit properly. Check current price on Amazon

#4 DaVinci Futura Cradle in Cherry

DaVinci Futura Baby Cradle in CherryThe sophisticated Davinci Futura Cradle has a traditional design that will look great in any nursery. It meets ASTM safety standards and has been finished with non-toxic paint; proving to be phthalate and lead safe. The cradle can remain stationary, or it can be set to rock gently. There is a wheel lock which helps to stop the rocking motion when it’s not needed. Caster wheels make it easy to transport into different rooms.

The cradle comes with a mattress, though it is a little thin. Therefore you may want to invest in your own. Self-assembly is required though it is really simple to put together. Check current price on Amazon

#3 Dream on Me Rocking Cradle, Espresso

Dream On Me Rocking Baby Cradle, EspressoThe stunning traditional style Dream on Me Rocking Cradle is the perfect choice for any nursery. It features an attractive arched footboard and headboard and is created with a non-toxic finish. While it is designed to rock gently from side to side, there is a support pin which enables you to switch to stationary when needed. It can accommodate infants from birth up to 20 pounds. The cradle meets ASTM standards and is CPSC certified.

It also comes with a slumber pad and is very easy to assemble. A support bar is installed underneath the cradle which helps to boost durability. Check current price on Amazon

#2 Sorelle Dondola Gliding Cradle – Cherry

Sorelle Dondola Gliding Baby Cradle CherryThe luxurious Sorelle Dondola Gliding Cradle has a beautiful, solid design. It can easily be placed alongside the parental bed and the open bar design lets you see the infant from any angle. Due to its strong build, it is capable of holding children weighing 5 pounds to 50 pounds. This maximum weight is higher than a lot of other cradles which makes it excellent value for money. It does require self-assembly and it is recommended two people work to put it together. If you’re looking for great value for money and a long-lasting, durable design then this cradle is definitely one to consider.

It has a locking arm that can also be used to stop the rocking motion once your baby has settled. It doesn’t have wheels so this is something you need to consider if you’re looking to move the cradle into different rooms. Built with tough New Zealand pine, you can be sure this cradle will last the test of time. Check current price on Amazon

#1 Babybjorn Cradle, White

Babybjorn Baby Cradle WhiteYou will struggle to find a better cradle than this one by Babybjorn. With its gender-neutral white design, it blends in perfectly in any nursery. It features an extra-deep design, helping your infant to feel safe and secure. Created with safety in mind, there are no open bars which means your baby won’t get their tiny hands or feet trapped. It can easily be moved around the home and it provides a gentle rocking motion to ease your baby to sleep. The light and airy material ensures your little bundle of joy can breathe through it.

The cradle has been designed to accommodate infants from birth up until 17 pounds. Its low-set design also helps you to easily supervise your child. Check current price on Amazon

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